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Common Occupational Diseases In Florida


Unlike a fall or other trauma injury, an occupational disease is a work injury that develops over the course of more than one shift. Some of the more common ones are outlined below.

These claims are legally complex. Most victims don’t instantly see the doctor when initial symptoms, like trouble breathing or joint stiffness, appear. Moreover, insurance company adjusters usually approve the cheapest possible treatment, as opposed to the best treatment. So, from start to finish, a Tampa workers’ compensation lawyer must fight to obtain the compensation these victims need and deserve.

This compensation usually includes lost wage replacement and medical bill payment, if the disability is temporary. Permanently disabled victims are usually entitled to lump sum payments.

Hearing Loss

Continual exposure to noises as soft as 35 decibels, which is basically a vacuum cleaner, could cause permanent hearing loss. Landscapers, who often use noisy machines and seldom wear ear protection, are especially at risk for this occupational disease. Construction workers face high risks for the same reason. So are workers in large offices, especially if they work near copiers or other large machines.

Frequently, the collateral effects of hearing loss are worse than the direct effects. When people cannot hear well, they usually stop going to church and participating in other activities. In fact, they often completely withdraw from family and friends. Insurance company adjusters seldom recognize these effects, so they seldom pay for therapy sessions, prescription medication, and other antidepressant treatments.

If hearing loss is caught soon enough, advanced hearing aids effectively address the issue. However, as mentioned, most people don’t immediately seek medical treatment. Once symptoms are more advanced, the only possible treatment is risky and invasive ear surgery.

On a related note, computer eyestrain is an increasing problem, especially for people working from home. Many bosses believe that remote employees aren’t working if they aren’t parked in front of their computers all day long.

Repetitive Stress

Office workers often struggle with carpal tunnel syndrome. If a person’s wrists are elevated above their elbows when they type, the resulting pressure collapses the carpal tunnel inside the wrist. The resulting pinched nerves are incredibly painful. Rest is the only cure for CTS.

Warehouse and other workers often develop knee, ankle, and other joint issues. These individuals do a lot of bending, kneeling, and stooping. These joints can only take so much stress before they give out.

Toxic Exposure

Most occupational disease victims show at least some symptoms early on. But most toxic exposure illnesses, like breathing problems and cancer, have very long latency periods. So, these individuals are usually very sick and don’t even know it.

Once again, landscapers are vulnerable to toxic exposure illnesses. Benzene fumes are a serious issue. The sweet smell of freshly-mowed grass is benzene. These fumes not only cause cancer. They could also cause neurological problems.

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