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Monthly Archives: December 2023


Preventing the Fatal Four Construction Accidents in Florida

By Kobal Law |

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the Fatal Four cause most fatal construction accidents in Florida. These construction site accidents are also rather easy to prevent. Unfortunately, to many bosses, worker safety is an unnecessary cost. That’s especially true in places like Tampa Bay, where the construction industry is so competitive. When… Read More »

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Benefits Available in Workers’ Compensation Claims

By Kobal Law |

Since 2016, the average benefit payments in a workers’ compensation claim have declined by almost 20 percent. Almost every year, lawmakers lower workers’ compensation insurance premiums, in the name of attracting more businesses to the state. Lower premiums mean less money in the system, which means less money for injured victims and their families…. Read More »

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Why Is My Lawyer Taking So Long to Settle My Case?

By Kobal Law |

Most personal injury lawsuits, about 95 percent of them to be exact, eventually settle out of court. As most of us know, “eventually” could be a long time. Delays in the settlement process are inevitable. Insurance companies notoriously drag their feet in these situations. Each day they retain settlement money, they earn interest on… Read More »

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