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Monthly Archives: April 2024


Seven Occupational Diseases in Florida

By Kobal Law |

After several years of steady decline, workplace absenteeism is once again on the rise. An occupational disease, many of which are discussed below, often causes absenteeism. Other causes include child care issues, workplace injuries, and transportation issues. If disease-related absenteeism lasts more than seven days, benefits are available that replace lost wages and pay… Read More »

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The Three Types of Negligence in Car Wreck Claims

By Kobal Law |

Driver error causes over 98 percent of the car crashes in Florida. This driver error usually falls into one of the three categories discussed below. Sometimes, driver error is a wrong-place-at-the-wrong-time accident. For example, Sam might answer a call on his cell phone at the same moment Jill steps out into the street. However,… Read More »

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Fundamental Elements of a Social Security Disability Claim

By Kobal Law |

Depending on the recipient’s income and a few other factors, the average Social Security Disability benefit is almost $1.500 per month in Florida. That monthly cash, along with automatic Medicaid eligibility, could change the life of a family that includes a disabled person. However, benefit eligibility is not the end of the story. SSD… Read More »

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Local Workers’ Comp Fraudster Sentenced in Delaware

By Kobal Law |

A woman who used an alias and a fake Social Security number to obtain disability payments from two employers will spend the next five to ten years in prison. According to court documents, the 57-year-old woman claimed that in 2019 she was hurt from a fall while working at the Family Dollar store. She… Read More »

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