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Tampa Workers' Compensation Attorney / Blog / Social Security Disability / Can You Receive Both SSI/SSDI Benefits and Food Stamps?

Can You Receive Both SSI/SSDI Benefits and Food Stamps?


If you are currently receiving SSI or SSDI benefits, you may wonder, “Am I eligible to receive both food stamps and Social Security disability benefits in Florida?” The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, also known as the SNAP, has many eligibility requirements that must be met in order to receive food stamps.

The government program provides nutrition assistance to eligible individuals. Previously, SNAP beneficiaries received paper stamps. Now, eligible individuals who applied under the SNAP program receive benefits through an electronic benefits transfer (EBT) card.

SNAP beneficiaries can purchase food at:

  • Grocery stores
  • Convenience stores
  • Farmer’s markets

Typically, low-income individuals who are unable to purchase healthy food are eligible to receive food stamps under the SNAP. The program is intended to ensure that low-income families can afford healthy food and sufficient nutrition. Since a SNAP beneficiary can purchase only healthy food with the EBT card, the card cannot be used to purchase alcoholic beverages, tobacco, and certain other products.

Are You Eligible to Receive Both Food Stamps and SSI or SSDI Benefits?

Nutrition assistance provided by the SNAP can be a godsend for people who have a hard time earning a living and providing for their families. Therefore, many people who have a disability and are receiving Social Security disability benefits are also SNAP beneficiaries.

In fact, more than 25% of all individuals receiving nutrition assistance through the SNAP are also receiving SSI or SSDI benefits. However, the program has special eligibility requirements for older adults and individuals who are receiving disability benefits.

For individuals receiving Social Security disability benefits, assets cannot exceed more than $3,500. The asset limit for other people who have no disabled or elderly members in their household is $2,250.

Applying for the SNAP Program to Receive Food Stamps

If you meet all of the eligibility requirements to receive food stamps under the SNAP program, you must apply in Florida or the state where you currently live. If you are already receiving Social Security disability benefits, you can apply for the SNAP program at your local Social Security office.

Once your application for SNAP has been submitted, it will be processed by your state agency or local SNAP office. Then, you will receive a letter telling you whether your application has been approved or rejected. Typically, applicants receive the notice within 30 days.

Applicants are required to complete a SNAP eligibility interview during the 30 days. Also, it is required to provide verification of the information provided in your application for food stamps. If you are eligible under the SNAP program, benefits will be issued from the original date of your application.

If you received a notice notifying you that your SNAP application has been denied, you have a right to request a hearing within 90 days of the denial. After the denial, your application can be re-examined in person, over the phone, or in writing.

If you are currently receiving nutrition assistance under the SNAP program and want to apply for SSDI or SSI benefits in Florida, reach out to a knowledgeable Tampa Social Security disability attorney to discuss your situation. Contact Kobal Law for a case review. Call at 813-873-2440.




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