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Monthly Archives: February 2021


Are Construction Workers Entitled to Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Florida?

By Kobal Law |

The construction industry is one of the most dangerous industries in the United States. Construction workers are surrounded by on-the-job hazards more than workers in any other industry. Most construction workers have to work with and around heavy equipment and at dangerous heights, not to mention that many of them are exposed to toxic… Read More »

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Are Firefighters and Law Enforcement Officers Entitled to Workers’ Compensation in Florida?

By Kobal Law |

If you are a firefighter or law enforcement officer who has suffered an injury or become disabled, you need to understand whether you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits in Florida. Consult with a Tampa workers’ compensation attorney at Kobal Law to discuss your particular situation and assist you with filing a claim to… Read More »

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What Does ‘In the Course and Scope of Employment’ Mean in Florida’s Workers’ Compensation Cases?

By Kobal Law |

A work injury can cause a great deal of pain and create financial stress on your family. Luckily, work-related injuries and illnesses are compensable under Florida law. However, when seeking workers’ compensation benefits for your injury, your employer’s insurance company may require you to prove that your injuries occurred “in the course and scope… Read More »

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Will My Wages from a Second Job Be Considered When Calculating Workers’ Compensation?

By Kobal Law |

Many workers in Florida have two jobs to make ends meet. Generally, a serious injury can put the worker out of both jobs. But will your wages from a second job be considered when calculating workers’ compensation benefits? Your workers’ compensation could be denied if you can work a second job Under Florida’s Workers’… Read More »

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