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Can You Get A Cash Advance On Your Workers’ Compensation Claim In Florida?


Many employees who get injured in workplace accidents wonder, “Can I get a cash advance on my workers’ compensation claim?” As medical bills following an on-the-job injury keep piling up, it is perfectly normal to wonder if you can get a cash advance.

The effects of a work-related injury and illness can be financially devastating, especially if an injured worker is not able to work to earn a living. While workers’ compensation covers a worker’s medical bills and a portion of their lost wages, an injured worker will have to wait until the employer’s insurance carrier approves their claim and sends the first check.

If you want to speed up the workers’ compensation claims process, it is advisable to contact a skilled attorney to help you take the appropriate steps to ensure that you get compensated for your losses as soon as possible. Schedule a case review with our Tampa workers’ compensation attorney at Kobal Law by calling 813-873-2440.

Can You Get a Cash Advance While Your Workers’ Compensation Claim is Pending?

Yes, injured workers are entitled to a cash advance not exceeding $2,000 while their workers’ compensation claim is pending. In fact, a claimant can get a cash advance even if the insurer is not currently paying the worker any benefits.

It is not uncommon for insurers to refuse to issue cash advances on workers’ compensation claims. In those cases, the injured worker’s attorney can get a cash advance through the Judge of Compensation Claims (JCC). If you need a cash advance, your attorney will ask the JCC to order your employer’s insurance company to issue a cash advance.

In some cases, it is possible for an injured worker to seek more than $2,000 in a cash advance.

How to Get a Cash Advance on a Workers’ Compensation Claim in Florida

The JCC may require an insurance company to issue an advanced payment to the claimant if there is evidence that the injured worker has suffered:

  1. A physical impairment; or
  2. A substantial loss of earning capacity.

When reviewing a claimant’s request for a cash advance, the JCC will examine the following factors:

  • The claimant’s entitlement to an advance payment; and
  • Whether the claimant has provided adequate justification for their request for a cash advance.

Who is Entitled to an Advance Payment in Florida Workers’ Compensation Cases?

An injured worker can get a cash advance if they fall into one of these categories:

  1. They cannot return to the same or similar employment, which caused them to suffer a substantial reduction in wages;
  2. They suffered a substantial loss of earning capacity; or
  3. They suffered a physical impairment.

The claimant’s advanced payment can be used to pay for their normal living expenses. Moreover, the injured worker can use a cash advance to visit an independent doctor to help them prove the existence of a severe medical condition or disability.

Getting a cash advance can assist you in your workers’ compensation claim. Consult with our attorney Jason Kobal to discuss how you can get an advance payment in your particular case. Call 813-873-2440 for a case evaluation.

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