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Monthly Archives: June 2021


Are Residential Workers Entitled To Workers’ Compensation Benefits In Florida?

By Kobal Law |

If you are a residential worker who has been injured while doing your job, you might wonder, “Am I entitled to workers’ compensation benefits?” The answer depends on the circumstances of your case. Contact a Tampa workers’ compensation attorney if you sustained injuries while doing work for another person. Our lawyer at Kobal Law… Read More »

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Can Part-Time Employees Obtain Workers’ Compensation Benefits In Florida?

By Kobal Law |

Many Floridians work part-time. But just because part-time employees work about half as many hours per week as full-time employees, it does not mean that they cannot get injured at work. In fact, part-time employees are just as likely to suffer on-the-job injuries or develop work-related illnesses as their full-time counterparts. But are part-time… Read More »

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Can I Seek Workers’ Compensation If I Was Employed Through A Staffing Agency?

By Kobal Law |

Millions of Floridians find employment through staffing agencies. If you are one of them, can you seek workers’ compensation if you get injured at work? Or does the fact that you were employed through a staffing agency prevent you from obtaining workers’ comp benefits? In order to answer that question, it is important to… Read More »

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Can I Obtain Workers’ Compensation Benefits For A Work-Related Car Accident?

By Kobal Law |

Contrary to popular belief, car accidents are covered by a workers’ compensation insurance policy unless the employee is: commuting to or from work; not driving in the course and scope of employment; or deviating from a work-related route. If you were injured in a car crash while on the job and performing your work… Read More »

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